Black Squirrel to Open at Dunn-Loring Metro Stop

dunn-loringAmy Bowman, owner of the Black Squirrel Restaurant in Adams Morgan, is looking to extend her print with an early-spring opening of a gastropub in the complex known as the Shops at the Avenir Place in Vienna. The new suburban space at the Dunn-Loring Metro stop will feature many of the same elements of the nine-year-old, craft-beer-themed eatery in the city, Bowman says. “Obviously, because of the location, we’ll be more focused on Virginia-made products with both our food and beverage programs,” she says. “That’s not to suggest we’ll abandon our long-standing relationships in the hospitality industry. It is to note that we want to be at one with the marketplace.” The Black Squirrel embraced the craft-beer movement in the embryonic stage of its development in the city, according to Bowman. “Back in 2007, we were an oddity along 18th Street, in what was a Miller Lite-dominated commercial strip,” she says. “But we found a customer base, and it wasn’t too many years later, the craft beer craze was in full swing in the city and across the nation.” The Black Squirrel will continue to emphasize its oft-cited hamburgers, poutine fries and macaroni and cheese, according to Bowman. And she says the Black Squirrel will endeavor to forge connections with the agricultural community in western Virginia and Maryland and West Virginia, if only to enhance the dining experience of patrons. “I’ve already been purchasing products from this farmer in Uvilla, W.V.,” she says. “I can’t say enough good things about a tomato that comes straight off the vine.”

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