The Black Squirrel takes its name from the furry critters that Canada gave to the National Zoo during the Teddy Roosevelt administration. Between 1902 and 1906, 10 of the original Canadian black squirrels and eight of their offspring were released around the zoo. The black squirrels you see throughout Washington today are descendants of those animals.

The Black Squirrel has been charting a slightly NEW COURSE on the 18th Street strip, serving up duck roll appetizers, fried chicken entrees and tasty beers. –The Washington Post

One of Washingtonian Magazine’s 75 BEST BARS, this new eatery that seeks to bring CIVILIZED FOOD and OFFBEAT BREWS to a neighborhood saturated with jumbo slices and Miller Lights. — Washingtonian Magazine

For those who crave a DECENT MEAL before a night out on 18th Street , HOPE has arrived in the surprising form of a squirrel. The Black Squirrel pairs the CULINARY BRIO of chef Gene Sohn, a veteran of the downtown Belgian standby Marcel’s, with 1970s-inspired design to craft a watering hole for grown-ups who love good food. — The Hill

The Black Squirrel, one of the area’s only bars to have an EXTENSIVE IMPORTED BEER LIST, offers you just enough to WHET your APPETITE or just enough to satisfy it, all in one sitting. — NBC Channel 4

Those who haven’t ventured to the Black Squirrel in Adams Morgan are missing out. This is a PRIME SPOT for beer lovers, and has a MORE SOPHISTICATED feel than other AM bars. — On Tap Magazine

Voted one of the city’s BEST NEIGHBORHOOD BARS in 2009 and 2010. — The Washington City Paper

Just when it seemed that Adams Morgan’s non-stop party scene had chased away D.C.’s fine-dining establishments, along comes the Black Squirrel, brandishing a FINE-PEDIGREED CHEF and a menu of scaled-up American comfort food. — Better World

The Black Squirrel carefully balances being a FUN, neighborhood hangout and place for FINER DINING. — On Tap Magazine

The Black Squirrel cleverly hides its CULINARY pretensions underneath a kitschy retro-jock veneer — which, you have to admit, is kind of BRILLIANT. — The Onion

The Black Squirrel stands out from the crowd for its EXTENSIVE beer selection, EXCEPTIONAL food and comfortable, neighborhood FRIENDLY atmosphere. — So Good

A sit-down UPSCALE restaurant in Adams Morgan! — The Washington Times

Selected one of the region’s top beer bars  in 2009.– Washingtonian Magazine

Adams Morgan has a great alternative in the Black Squirrel. The bar’s six-page beer menu is chock full of diverse options, which seem to be ever-expanding with new seasonal brews and other fresh additions… The menu’s descriptions reach an almost poetic enthusiasm.– Washington City Paper

And . . . for 32 draft lines of hard-to-find beer. Presenting The Tap Room at the Black Squirrel, open now to give you yet another reason to hit up Adams Morgan’s most beer-y destination. — Urbandaddy.com

In addition to a lot of beers, the Black Squirrel has a strong lineup of pub fare, including a thin but excellent black-pepper-spiked burger, made from house-ground meat. Try the fries the Canadian way, under a blanket of house-made gravy, melted cheese and bacon. — Washingtonian Magazine

The Black Squirrel is at it again, expanding its great beer craft beer selection and bringing even more great offerings into Adams Morgan. The Squirrel has added eight new draft lines to its main floor, which brings the total across three floors to 57 lines. — DCBeer.com

Selected one of the top beer havens in the region in 2011. — Washingtonian Magazine.

Black Squirrel’s burgers are a case study in hand-crafted luxury. The magic starts with 90 percent lean chuck, which they grind in-house. Their chef blends the beef with a decadent cocktail of veal fat and rendered duck fat; the result is a burger with an unparalleled, almost trance-inducing flavor profile. — On Tap Magazine

Atypical Adams Morgan DEN OF DELIGHTS for brew snobs, honoring Washington ‘s imported native mammal. — Black Book Magazine

Black Squirrel second place in Best Twitter category and Rhydwyn Davies third place in Best Bartender category, 2012. — Washington Post Express

Black Squirrel first place in Best Beer selection category, first place Best Local Tweeter category, second place Best Sandwich category and Keith Weymouth second place in Best Bartender category, 2014. — Washington Post Express