Bellwether Bayou Is Back, This Time With Michael

Violinist Laura Schwartz  and singer-songwriter Michael (no last name necessary) will appear in the Tap Room of the Black Squirrel on Friday (Jan. 13), starting at 8 p.m.

The D.C. based-Schwartz, a classically trained violinist who has performed at the Black Squirrel on a number of occasions over the years, brings a folksy blend to her art, inspired in part, she says, by her time living in New Orleans, Ithaca, N.Y., and Xi’an, China. A soloist who has collaborated with other artists on multiple stages around the city, Schwartz has dubbed her project “Bellwether Bayou.”

“Bellwether comes from ‘Bellwether Hall,’ a band I once was part of,” Schwartz says. “I added the ‘Bayou’ part as I introduced my fiddle looping and went out on my own.  Plus, my family lives in New Orleans, and as my music got swampier, it seemed a fitting name.”

Amy Bowman, owner of the Black Squirrel, is elated to have Schwartz back in the mix. “She truly is one of the leading artists in the D.C. region,” Bowman says. “She is very unique, gifted, her artistic influences varied in a way that coalesces quite nicely. She lures you to the fray and won’t let go.”

Michael (not to be confused with Bolton) writes love songs. Sad love songs. Happy love songs. Funny love songs. And love songs aching to be heard. His recently released LP, “On Love and Loneliness,” can be heard at

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