The New Kids On The Block

wahlbergThose locally based brewers looking to show they have the right stuff — you can make all their dreams come true, to borrow from Donnie Wahlberg — plan to kick off D.C. Beer Week at the Black Squirrel, Sunday, August 9, starting at 4 p.m.  That comes out to 11 breweries, all kinds of beer styles and the tiniest carbon footprint. They are local; we cannot emphasize that enough. They are as follows: Ocelot Brewery, Sterling, Va. Hellbender, Washington, D.C. Jail Break, Laurel, Md. Fair Winds, Lorton, Va. Caboose, Vienna, Va. Adroit Theory, Purcellville, Va. Mispillion, Milford, De. Adventure Brewing, Fredericksburg, Va. Seven Locks, Rockville, Md. Ornery, Woodbridge, Va. Evil Genius, West Grove, Pa.

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